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Malcolm H Gottesman, MD


Health Outcomes, Inflammation

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200 Old Country Road, Suite 370
Mineola, NY 11501
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Bio - Malcolm Gottesman, MD

Dr. Gottesman attended a 6 year medical program sponsored by Albany Medical College and Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. He trained at Boston University Medical Center in Psychiatry and the Long Island Jewish Hospital in Neurology. He is board certified in Neurology and Psychiatry.
Dr. Gottesman is Chief of the Division of Neurology at Winthrop University Hospital and Directs the Multiple Sclerosis Program.
Dr. Gottesman has participated in seminal MS multicenter treatment trials and has conducted and published independent clinical research on MS.

Areas of Experience

Health Outcomes
Multiple Sclerosis

Selected Publications

Accepted: Neutralizing Antibodies To 500 µg Interferon Beta-1b: 28-Month Results Of The Ideas Extension Trial, Accepted for publication in: Multiple Sclerosis. Gottesman, Malcolm; Friedman-Urevich, Sharon; Boylan, Eileen; Cheng, Denise
Accepted: High Dose Cyclophosphamide in the treatment of refractory MS. Gladstone, Gottesman, Urevich. American Journal of Therapeutics. Anticipated publication date September 2009.
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