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Qing Robert Miao, Ph.D., FAHA



Diabetes, Obesity


Faculty Investigators



Bio - Qing Miao, Ph.D., FAHA

Dr. Miao’s laboratory is elucidating the biological functions of Nogo-B receptor (NgBR) in the context of human diseases. NgBR is a new cell surface receptor and was identified by Dr. Miao during his postdoctoral training in Dr. William Sessa’s laboratory at the Yale School of Medicine. Their continuous work demonstrated that NgBR is a vital gene required for the development and loss of NgBR causes the early embryonic lethality.

Dr. Miao’s research team has elucidated the unique properties of NgBR as a novel Ras modulator. As shown in Figures, NgBR binds prenylated Ras and regulates Ras plasma membrane localization. The synergetic role of NgBR is critical for many receptor tyrosine kinase-mediated signaling pathways. Their findings reveal why NgBR is an essential gene for development, and also suggest that NgBR is a potential therapeutic target for the concurrent receptor tyrosine kinase-mediated tumorigenic pathways.


Based on the determination of physiological defects happened in NgBR tissue-specific transgenic mice, Dr. Miao’s research team successfully established several unique animal models for elucidating the novel underlying mechanisms of human diseases, such as cerebrovascular malformations and nonalcoholic fatty liver diseases. Dr. Miao’s career establishment as evidenced by the continuous success of NIH and AHA funding as well as the Mid-Career Investigator Award from American Heart Association’s Council on Peripheral Vascular Disease.

Research Interests

  • Cell signaling in/between endothelial cells and smooth muscle cells/pericytes
  • Vascular anomalies and angiogenesis
  • Lipogenesis and peripheral lipid homeostasis
  • Histone protein post-translational modification and epigenetic regulation
  • Tumor initiation, epithelial-mesenchymal transition and resistance to therapy

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