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Impact of Giving

As a contributor, you help save lives and transform patient care through your charitable gifts to NYU Winthrop Hospital. And because of this, our patients and families often express their gratitude.

With their permission, we are honored to be able to share some of their wonderful, heartwarming stories with you. Please return to this site periodically, as each month a different story will be featured.

Grateful Families Praise NYU Winthrop for Life-Saving Sepsis Care

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Being at the right place at the right time. Some might call it a coincidence – but for eight-year-old Sean Hatzfeld and his family, an experience that led them to NYU Winthrop Hospital was perhaps divine intervention.

“At one point, the outlook for our son was very dire,” said Patricia Hatzfeld, Sean’s mother, as she recalls her son’s recent bout with severe sepsis – a blood infection that can cause fever, low blood pressure (shock) and serious respiratory distress. “But in the end, we knew that God made a path for Sean that led him to NYU Winthrop, the very best place he could possibly be.”