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Physician Wellness

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At NYU Winthrop Hospital our guiding principle Your Health Means Everything also applies to our physicians, medical students, residents and fellows. The optimal physical, emotional and spiritual health of our medical staff helps ensure our patients are healing and thriving.

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The Committee for Physician Health, a division of the Medical Society of the State of New York, offers a confidential, non-disciplinary support program for colleagues suffering from mental health and substance abuse disorders.

Please call the toll free number (in New York State only): 1-800-338-1833

Or our office at: 518-436-4723

The Committee for Physician Health
99 Washington Avenue, Suite 410
Albany, NY 12210
Fax: 516-436-7943

Learn more about the Committee for Physician Health

All calls are confidential!

NYU Winthrop Hospital counseling resources are also available. These free services are completely confidential.

Employee Assistance Program (EAP)
800-833-8707 (Toll-Free)
Available 24/7/365
Username: WINTHROP

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Please contact the GME office with any questions at 516-663-2521.

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