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NYU Winthrop Department of Radiology Research: Publications from National Meetings since 2013

Szaflarski D, Sosner E, French TD, Sayegh S, Lamba R, Katz DS, Hoffmann JC. Evaluating the frequency and severity of ovarian venous congestion on adult female computed tomography. Abdom Radiol. 2019;44(1):259-263. PMID 30054683.


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Szaflarski D, Tembelis M, Katz A, Haas J, Hoffmann JC. Prostatic artery embolization obviates the need for androgen deprivation therapy prior to stereotactic body radiation therapy in prostate cancer. J Vasc Interc Radiol. 2019; [Epub ahead of print]. PMID 31378438.


Revels JW, Dey CB, Aggarwal A, London SS, Katz D, Menias C, Moshiri M. More than just 2 layers: a comprehensive multimodality imaging review of endometrial abnormalities. Review article. Current Problems in Diagnostic Radiology 2019; June 2019 epub. PMID 31307863.


Zha N, Alabousi M, Katz DS, Su J, Patlas MN. Factors affecting response rates in medical imaging survey studies. Original research article. Academic Radiology 2019; July 1 epub. PMID 31272815.


Gopee-Ramanan P, Patlas MN, Pindiprolu B, Katz DS. Utility of biphasic multi-detector computed tomography in suspected acute mesenteric ischemia in the emergency department. Original research article. Emergency Radiology 2019; June 25 epub. PMID 31240505.


Alabousi A, Patlas MN, Mellnick VM, Chernyak V, Farshait N, Katz DS. Renal colic imaging: myths, recent trends, and controversies. Review article. Canadian Association of Radiologists Journal 2019;70(2):164-171.


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Hoffmann JC, Singh A, Szaflarski D, Chick JFB, Azimov N, Mittal S, Flug J, Rochon PJ. Evaluating current and recent fellows’ perceptions on the interventional radiology residency: Results of a United States survey. Diagn Interv Imaging. 2018;99(1):9-14.


Hoffmann JC, Azimov N, Chick JFB, Behbahani S, Hall G, Watts MM, Rochon PJ. The current status of the interventional radiology fellowship match: Results of a resident survey. Curr Probl Diagn Radiol. 2018;47(3):146-151.


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Sosner E, Patlas MN, Chernyak V, Dachman AH, Katz DS. Missed acute appendicitis on multidetector computed tomography and magnetic resonance imaging: legal ramifications, challenges, and avoidance strategies. Curr Probl Diagn Radiol 2017;46:360-364.


Alabousi S, Patlas MN, Menias CO, Dreizin D, Bhalla S, Hon M, O’Brien A, Katz DS. Multi-modality imaging of the leaking ureter: why does detection of traumatic and iatrogenic ureteral injuries remain a challenge? Review article/pictorial essay. Emergency Radiology 2017;24:417-422.


Bhatt P, Hoffmann JC, McArthur TA, Katz DS, Flug JA. The roles of organized radiology in career development for trainees and junior attending radiologists: a road map. Review article. American Journal of Roentgenology 2017;208:1271-1277.


Patlas MN, Dreizen D, Menias CO, Tirada N, Bhalla S, Nicolaou S, Farshait N, Katz DS. Abdominal and pelvic trauma: misses and misinterpretations at multidetector CT: trauma/emergency radiology. Review PowerPoint exhibit/abbreviated paper. RadioGraphics 2017;37:703-704.


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