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NYU Long Island School of Medicine Pediatric Residents group photo.

“I cannot say enough good things about the NYU Winthrop Pediatric Residency Program. It is a place where autonomy is cultivated, where individuality is supported and where clinical skills are developed and strengthened. The program is just the right size, not too big or too small, creating a very family like environment. The program leadership want to hear your voice and are always open to change. It truly is a program that loves and advocates for their residents. I feel beyond well prepared for fellowship.”

Brooke Senken, MD

NYU Long Island School of Medicine Pediatric Residents group photo on a trip.

As a fourth year Sub-I at NYU Winthrop I knew immediately that I wanted to be here for my next three years. The feelings of community, encouragement, and support I had secured that I would thrive in this environment. In the NYU Winthrop pediatrics program you know all of the attendings, and all of the attendings know you, which is not always the case in larger programs. We are a family here, and I know I will have life-long friendships from my time at NYU Winthrop.”

Jennifer Moody, DO

NYU Long Island School of Medicine Pediatric Residents group photo at dinner.

“What I love most about NYU Winthrop is the supportive, hardworking, and dedicated people that I work with. Not only does this close-knit community foster a positive learning environment in the work place, but provides a sense of family outside hospital as well. Residents, faculty, and program leadership frequently get together for activities outside of the hospital, including holiday parties, dinners, and resident retreats. Furthermore, NYU Winthrop is a place where resident education is a priority, and resident feedback is encouraged and continually integrated into the program’s development. I have had such a positive experience working at NYU Winthrop that I chose to stay for another year as chief resident!”

Dana Griesman, MD

“NYU Winthrop pediatric residency program has had an excellent reputation for as long as I can remember. I had a privilege of doing a Sub-Internship on the pediatric floor at Winthrop as a fourth year medical student and this experience left me with an unforgettable impression of the culture of the program, making it my top choice for residency. I’ve been a part of “Winthrop Peds” for three years now, and the program continues to exceed my expectations. Our program has strong didactics, numerous learning, teaching and research opportunities, supportive faculty and staff, diverse patient population, and people with exceptional morale and work ethics – all crucial for training strong and well-rounded physicians. However, what truly makes this program unique is the people – hard-working, compassionate, kind and always supportive of each other. I feel that ‘Winthrop Peds’ is my second family and I am proud to be a part of it.”

Valentyna Tack, DO

NYU Long Island School of Medicine Pediatric Residents group photo at pumpkin farm.
NYU Long Island School of Medicine Pediatric Residents group photo.
NYU Long Island School of Medicine Pediatric Residents group photo at dinner.

“I could go on forever about everything I love about our program here at NYU Winthrop – to start, the environment is warm, welcoming and always friendly. From the time I was a visiting medical student auditioning, I have felt like a vital member of the health care team and like I was surrounded by supportive colleagues looking to help me, encourage me and facilitate my learning to the best of their ability! I always feel empowered to ask questions, ask for help when needed, and voice my own opinions and ideas. Also, our program director Dr. Jill always goes above and beyond for us, our education, and our best interest. She is our number one advocate and is constantly checking in on our well-being, asking for feedback, and looking for ways to improve the program. Here at NYU Winthrop, it truly feels like we are a family, not only among co-residents but providers on all levels – fellows, attendings, nursing and ancillary staff. Everyone’s happiness, passion and excitement to be working together makes coming to the hospital something to look forward to everyday. Plus, we are only a 35 minute train ride to NYC! Our location is the best of all worlds – suburbs with beaches, cute villages, parks, and then the most vibrant city with shows, restaurants, nightlife and never-ending fun!”

Christina Monteleone, DO

“On my interview day I was struck by the genuine sense of happiness, community and pride that all the residents expressed. They were excited to share how much they loved this program. After my interview, it was very clear that NYU Winthrop was where I wanted to be. It was both a head knowledge and gut feeling that I had found the perfect program for me. The first few months of intern year came with all the challenges you might expect, however, I never felt alone and always looked forward to coming to work. I was checked on by senior and chief residents, and frequently reminded by faculty that they are always available; the door is always open, whether I had questions about patient care, or simply staying afloat during residency. This program has found the ideal combination of academic rigor and excellent clinical experience, all while keeping wellness in mind. You are encouraged to take ownership of your patient’s care and challenged to learn more than you thought possible. Amidst the hard work, your well-being is never pushed to the side. From day one I have felt both “cared about” and “cared for” by this program. The resident voice is valued and encouraged as our program is shaped by resident feedback on what we think we need to succeed and thrive. At NYU Winthrop you are part of both a family and team with many invaluable members. The head of this family-team is Dr. Jill Leavens-Maurer our program director. She is a compassionate clinician, stalwart resident advocate and outstanding leader. She sets the tone of this program both in word and action. As a resident and young clinician I feel privileged to have her as my leader and teacher. I can wholeheartedly encourage any applicant to come to our program. The hard days won’t feel as long and the fun times will be better than you thought. The road to becoming a pediatrician is long, but I am glad I can walk it at NYU Winthrop.”

Ari Heffes-Doon, MD

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