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Welcome to NYU Winthrop Hospital Medical Student Education. With a long history of educational programs at all levels of the medical education continuum, NYU Winthrop Hospital is actively engaged in current, evidence based medical education. It has served, and has a commitment to continue serving, its community and its learners well.

As the only, official Clinical Campus for Stony Brook School of Medicine, NYU Winthrop Hospital educates 40 medical students for their entire third and fourth years of medical school in all the disciplines and electives required for successful graduation from Stony Brook. NYU Winthrop’s twenty-three accredited residencies and fellowships, along with a highly effective continuing medical education program serving an international arena, provide a lively setting for learning at the medical student undergraduate level. Our allegiance to education, the diversity of clinical cases seen, and the collegial, nurturing learning environment are some of the many reasons that students who do rotations here choose to apply for its residencies and fellowships.

In addition to the complete third year curriculum, a fully robust fourth year curriculum based at NYU Winthrop Hospital is offered to medical students in order to permit exposure to the real world of cutting edge medical care. Faculty members, while actively involved in patient care responsibilities, are able to devote time to students on an individual basis. They, along with members of the voluntary attending staff, serve as outstanding mentors. This mentoring is partnered with cutting edge clinical and operational technology: NYU Winthrop utilizes a computerized medical record and computer access radiology. An Office of Academic Affairs with designated Associate Dean’s level faculty oversees all of the clinical education of the medical students who have selected NYU Winthrop as their site of training. There are full time faculty designated as clerkship site directors who adhere to all of the principles and guidelines established by Stony Brook School of Medicine. In addition to the exposure to the clinical discipline, all the students receive experience in the Simulation Center and are expected to complete all of their NBME examinations on site at NYU Winthrop in our recently opened state-of-the-art Research and Academic Center.

NYU Winthrop’s philosophy of undergraduate medical education emphasizes quality learning and teaching which provides significant exposure to a wide range of patient and career experiences for the motivated student. Research electives designed for senior medical students provide rich opportunities for first-hand experience of state-of-the-art laboratory and clinical investigation.

Clinical Services

“State-of-the-art” characterizes NYU Winthrop’s clinical facilities and programs. These include a Category I Cancer Center, Regional Trauma Center, nationally accredited epilepsy and sleep disorders lab, dialysis center, pulmonary function lab, cardiology center, regional poison control center, neonatal and pediatric special care unit, cytogenetics lab, perinatal testing lab, bronchoscopy lab, specialized clinical facilities in cytogenetics, genetic counseling, ultrasound and nuclear medicine, and adult pulmonary, medical and cardiac ICU’s. We are a NYS designated Stroke Center and have ongoing initiatives with the Nassau County Department of Health for Emergency Preparedness. Of special note, is the fact that NYU Winthrop is among the hospitals with the lowest rate of mortality for cardiac surgery in New York State.

In an effort to meet the many levels of care required by the community the hospital provides care through medical, pediatric, and obstetrics and gynecology model teaching practices. NYU Winthrop also has a comprehensive home care program (including long-term home care, direct nursing services, and home care dialysis to ensure continuity of high quality services for discharged patients.

Augmenting its community-based services are numerous health promotion and disease prevention activities including health fairs, breast and ovarian cancer screening, and osteoporosis screening utilizing the latest in bone scanning technology.

These diverse inpatient and outpatient services translate into statistics which provide for a rich learning environment for our medical students and house staff.

Basic and Clinical Research

In February, 2015, NYU Winthrop proudly opened a 95,000 square foot Research and Academic Pavilion. Within this state- of-the-art center there are multi use classrooms and lecture halls with the most current audio visual support, a Simulation Center with full capability of recording and utilizing encounters with standardized patients, three floors of Basic Science Research Laboratories, and a clinical research center. The variety of research being conducted at NYU Winthrop involves M.D. and Ph.D. investigators in laboratories working on projects supported through organizations such as the National Institutes of Health, the Arthritis Foundation, Pfizer, Inc., Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, and the Ambulatory Pediatric Association. Many of these projects benefit from the participation of medical students and members of the house staff.

Opportunities for Education

NYU Winthrop, as the regional clinical campus for the SUNY at Stony Brook School of Medicine, provides learning opportunities at both the pre- and post- M.D. levels.

NYU Winthrop is a training site for Stony Brook medical students in each of their four years of education, with its primary role as the clinical campus for training third and fourth year medical students who choose NYU Winthrop through a lottery. Residents in all of the major clinical disciplines are an integral part of student teaching and NYU Winthrop faculty and residents hold Stony Brook faculty appointments.

There are 23 accredited residency and fellowship programs at NYU Winthrop Hospital, 21 of which are independently accredited (General Surgery is integrated with Stony Brook; Anesthesiology, and Rheumatology with Nassau County Medical Center). More than 225 residents and fellows are currently in training at NYU Winthrop, an institution proud to boast very high board pass rates. Our graduates experience success at many levels…acceptance into prestigious fellowship programs and/or opportunities in competitive private practices.

There are ample facilities for medical education, central to this, is a recently opened 95,000 square foot Research and Academic Center described above. In addition The Hollis Health Sciences Library features a computer and AV lab. Access to the medical literature is facilitated by a library information system with terminals on the hospital floors, in departmental offices and ambulatory teaching sites.

The clinical facilities have been renovated to provide medical students and house staff the ability to engage in bedside learning in aesthetically pleasing environments with patient care information available in technologically advanced modalities. Dissemination of curriculum and faculty evaluations are done via an online database to ensure that learning objectives and constructive feedback are available in a timely fashion to promote professional growth and development.


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