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Teaching and Learning in Medical Education
Jeannine Nonaillada, PhD, OTR/L, BCG

Course Description: Students will learn about the foundations of medical education including: learner needs, motivation to learn, educational intervention strategies, and assessment. An interactive learning experience will be enriched through small group discussion, role-play, and self-directed learning activities. Web-based resources for learning will be applied to the course content. Each student will design and present an instructional unit (e.g., knowledge or attitude change; skill demonstration or problem-solving exercise). Students who would benefit are those with an interest in teaching.

Duration: 2 weeks
Max. # Students: 2
Pre-requisite: None
Accepted Applications: Stony Brook Medicine

Wellness and Nutrition
Robert Lee, DO

Students will be able to describe the difference between integrative medicine and complementary and alternative medicine; list the cycle of change stages; identify key nutritional interventions to prevent chronic illness and optimize well-being; list physical activity recommendations for prevention of chronic illness and weight management across the life cycle; use basic motivational techniques to counsel patients around behavioral change; identify mind-body tools that could be used to manage stress for patients; complete an independent project regarding wellness/nutrition.

Duration: 2 or 4 weeks
Max. # Students: 1
Pre-requisite: None
Accepted Applications: Stony Brook Medicine

View Medical Education