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Multiple Sclerosis Preceptorship
Malcolm Gottesman, MD
Josef Gutman, MD

Course Description: The student will learn about the physiology of Multiple Sclerosis (MS) and the neurological examination with specific attention to pathological findings caused by MS. They will also learn about the medical treatment of MS and the psycho-social aspects of MS and their effect on the patient and his/her family unit and community resources that aid in the management of chronic disease. The student will become familiar with the use of electronic medical records and their integration into the clinical visit in a time effective and empathetic non-intrusive manner and will foster a humanistic, compassionate approach to patient care with special sensitivity to diverse psycho-social factors. The student will become aware of the rapidly changing treatments for MS, become familiar with the areas of expertise of non MDs including nurse, physical therapists and social workers. They will participate in a multidisciplinary team; learn the roles played by other health professionals in the management of complex chronic disease.

Duration: 2 or 4 weeks
Max # Students: 1
Pre-requisites: None
Accepted Applications: Stony Brook Medicine

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