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The Staub Family

NYU Langone Hospital—Long Island Patient Stories

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“Enclosed, please find, several checks totaling $5,300 to be used where needed in the Pediatric Emergency Department.

On March 9, our 11-year-old daughter, Elizabeth, broke her tibia and fibula and dislocated her ankle while playing in a soccer game at Hofstra. After a stressful ambulance ride (made better by the very kind EMT), we arrived at NYU Langone Hospital—Long Island. After waiting in the entrance of the regular ER for about 20 minutes, we crossed into the Pediatric ED.

We were put right into our own room and almost immediately, Dr. Saurabh Bahl noticed that Elizabeth was really in pain and he started her on some pain medicine. Every person we encountered was kind, interested in calming us and helping Elizabeth. The head RN, a lovely gentleman named Bill, was particularly kind to us. Dr. Bahl and Bill explained everything that was being done and answered all our questions.

I didn’t get her name, but the young woman who took Elizabeth for her x-rays was so sweet. She shared her experience of having had an x-ray in her GC Centennials soccer uniform, just like Elizabeth. The nice young man who took Elizabeth for a CAT scan told her that he ran track at Hofstra and trained in the bubble where she was injured. Everyone was so personable and friendly. It truly helped to distract Elizabeth.

It was a scary injury and an unnerving day for all of us. Everyone in the Pediatric ED tried to make all of us feel more comfortable at every step. We are all so appreciative.

Elizabeth’s 12th birthday was in May. We decided to have a party to celebrate her birthday, her cast removal and say “thank you” to all of her friends who had been so supportive. In lieu of gifts, we requested that the guests donate to the Pediatric ED and we would match, 2 for 1, all donations. It was a way for all of us to say thank you. Our community is so lucky to have a Pediatrics ED in our community. We know the donations will be put to good use and we thank you again for taking such good care of Elizabeth.”

Please have a wonderful summer,

Jen, Craig and Elizabeth Staub