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For more than a century, NYU Langone Hospital—Long Island’s culture has been shaped by an ever-deepening commitment to integrating the highest quality patient care services with dynamic medical education programs and rigorous research initiatives.

Underscoring this mission, the Board of Directors, clinical faculty and administration have moved the Hospital into a transformative era, exemplified by the development of a visionary and robust biomedical Research Institute with newly recruited basic and clinical scientists who complement the work of current investigators.

The collaborative environment nurtures creative, independent thinking, the opportunity to share insights and ideas, and extraordinary teamwork. Multidisciplinary PhD scientists and physician investigators are involved in vigorous basic, clinical, translational and health outcomes studies. These include a major commitment that focuses not only on the causes and consequences of diabetes, but also on the disease’s many complex complications that touch a large pool of patients in virtually every medical specialty.

Laboratory assistant putting test tubes into the holder, Close-up view focused on the tubes

NYU Langone Hospital—Long Island investigators are also addressing other important public health issues, including pregnancy and premature births; improving treatment of cancer; osteoporosis; diabetes-related vascular damage; autoimmune diseases; neurological disorders, including amyotrophic lateral sclerosis; the causes and consequences of obesity; and other debilitating chronic diseases.

Currently to move forward, the Hospital’s scientists are conducting, as well as developing new basic and clinical studies in areas that can have a significant impact on public health:

The collective goal is to improve and solve major public health problems with cutting-edge scientific discoveries, which are transformed into relevant clinical practices at the patient’s bedside and, ultimately, kindle outcomes that reduce the community’s burden of disease.

NYU Langone Hospital—Long Island is enhancing its research by establishing a network of relationships with major academic and research institutions in the region, including Columbia Presbyterian Medical Center. What’s more, the NYU Langone Hospital—Long Island faculty enjoys strong partnerships with investigators and clinicians at Stony Brook University Medical Center, which utilizes the Hospital as its Nassau County Clinical Campus.

Additionally, NYU Langone Hospital—Long Island is a member of The Academy for Medical Development and Collaboration (AMDeC) Foundation. AMDeC includes many of New York’s pre-eminent medical schools, academic health centers and research institutions working together to develop collaborative basic science and clinical research projects.

In recognition of NYU Langone Hospital—Long Island’s unwavering commitment to the highest standards of research, the Hospital’s extensive biomedical research program is fully accredited by the prestigious Association for the Accreditation of Human Research Protection Programs (AAHRPP).

Alan M. Jacobson, MD Chief Research Officer, NYU Langone Hospital—Long Island

“NYU Langone Hospital—Long Island has made a major commitment to the expansion of research on the causes and consequences of diabetes, and due to the complex nature of diabetes and its array of complications, this research has strong connections to other areas of clinical care and investigations being carried out here. I am very enthusiastic about this opportunity to apply my three decades of research experience to NYU Langone Hospital—Long Island’s ambitious research mission, which is focused on some of today’s most urgent healthcare challenges: diabetes and cardiometabolic syndrome; infant prematurity and perinatal conditions; and chronic disease and aging.”

For updates and additions to NYU Langone Hospital—Long Island’s research programs, or for more information, call (516) 663-4603.


NYU Langone Hospital—Long Island Research Administration

101 Mineola Boulevard
Suite 3-041
Mineola, NY 11501

Alan M. Jacobson, MD

Chief Research Officer

Deborah Saporito

Executive Assistant