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Diabetes and Obesity Research Center

Our mission is to understand different primary and secondary risk factors that contribute to diabetes and obesity and find new ways to prevent, treat and cure these diseases based on innovative research. As the prevalence and treatment costs for diabetes and obesity continue to rise, our Center’s mission becomes even more important.

The Diabetes and Obesity Research Center aims to perform excellent, competitive and cutting edge research; train new generations of leaders to excel in their field of interest; and educate the populace in improving their general health.

We are recruiting young, highly motivated, friendly, cooperative, and caring individuals to develop independent competitive research programs in their area of choice related to the Center’s mission. Additionally, ample opportunities are available to join existing research programs. Our Center provides a caring and nurturing environment for the training and growth of young scientists.

NYU Winthrop’s Diabetes and Obesity Research Center has affiliations with local institutions such as SUNY Downstate Medical Center, SUNY Stony Brook School of Medicine, and Adelphi University. Students from these institutions work at the Center to do research and obtain their MS, PhD, MD and MD,PhD degrees. In addition, the Center has active research collaborations with several prominent national and international medical institutions.

The Diabetes and Obesity Research Center actively collaborates with basic and clinical research going on at the NYU Winthrop Hospital in the following and other areas that significantly impact human health:

Diabetes & Obesity Research Center Newsletter

January 2019

January 2018

dr mahmood hussain

M. Mahmood Hussain, PhD
Director, Diabetes and Obesity Research Center, NYU Winthrop Hospital;
Director, Basic Science, NYU Winthrop Hospital

NYU Winthrop is building a research center of international prominence in the fields of diabetes, obesity, cardiovascular disease and other areas that significantly impact human health. To achieve this goal, NYU Winthrop has made a major commitment by investing in a new building, equipments and research scientists. The Diabetes and Obesity Research Center provides a rich environment for collaborative and competitive research as well as for individual growth.

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