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Investigator Resources

NYU Winthrop Hospital provides a complete array of services to support its research community. These include but are not limited to:

  • NYU Winthrop Hospital Institutional Review Board, supports the research community in there efforts to conduct quality human subjects research while assuring the rights and welfare of participants are adequately protected;
  • An IACUC, to oversee the safety of specific basic research studies;
  • An Office of Sponsored Programs, to provide researchers with a wide range of support in preparing applications for extramural funding, as well assistance in funding searches and ongoing administration of funded grants;
  • A Clinical Trials Center (CTC), which offers a central location for conducting clinical trials and provides study investigators with the resources to efficiently administer those studies. The CTC also provides the community with access to many cutting edge studies and new drugs;
  • A Core Biomedical Lab structure, that allows for interaction among all researchers and sharing of equipment and;
  • The Department of Biostatistics, offering expertise on research methods and assistance with analysis of study data and preparation of results for publication.

This state of the art research structure enhances the quality of the work done by investigators throughout the NYU Winthrop Hospital system.