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Imaging Facility

Imaging Facility

The image core facility features a wide spectrum of microscopy equipment with technical assistance both in sample preparation and image acquisition. The core facility consists of two parts: the Electron Microscopy Suite and a Light Microscopy Unit that includes several fluorescence microscopes and image analysis software.


Electron Microscopy

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The EM lab is equipped with a Zeiss EM 10 Transmission Electron Microscope and a Reichert Jung Ultracut E Microtome. The highly educated and experienced electron microscopy staff will provide the instruction, consultation, assistance and collaboration for the research involving electron microscopy. The current services include specimen preparation, ultramicrotomy, negative staining, and immuno-gold electron microscopy. If you are interested in analysis of your tissue at the ultrastructure level, please contact the unit manager for further information.


Light Microscopy

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The light microscopy unit is equipped with several Nikon Eclipse TE 300 inverted scopes fitted with a Sony Progressive color cameras with fluorescence capabilities and image analysis with the MetaMorph Program version 6.1r6 (Universal Imaging Corp.). The power of in situ hybridization can be greatly extended by the simultaneous use of multiple fluorescent colors. Multicolor fluorescence in situ hybridization (FISH), m2 in its simplest form, can be used to identify as many labeled features as there are different fluorophores used in the hybridization. By using not only single colors, but also combinations of colors, many more labeled features can be simultaneously detected in individual cells using digital imaging microscopy.


Molecular Imaging

The Molecular Imaging Facility also provides researchers at NYU Winthrop U. Hospital’s Research Institute access to state-of-the-art instruments such as the Kodak 4000r Image Station capable of detecting and quantifying the levels and positions of radio- and fluorescently labeled molecules in a variety of formats including gels, blots and microtiter plates.