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Who We Are

The Department of Biostatistics consists of two biostatisticians, each of whom has expertise in both statistical methodology and specific areas of biomedical research through close collaboration with our diverse group of investigators.

Shahidul Islam, MPH, Pstat®
Biostatistician (Interim Director)

Meredith Akerman, MS


The Department of Biostatistics mission is to provide collaborative support and education in all areas of biomedical research, including clinical trials, study design, grant development, sample size and power considerations, and the statistical analysis of clinical, epidemiological, and laboratory research data.

Biostatistics Consultation Request

To request Biostatistics consultation, please send the completed consultation request form to the Biostatistics Team. Learn more about our consultation process and policies.

Latest News

Fall 2019 BIOSTAT Learning Sessions for Non-Statisticians!

Date Lecture
Sept. 18th Research Process and Statistical Evaluation of Medical Literature!

An overview of the research process, selecting appropriate study design, choosing statistical tests and common statistical errors in data analysis and reporting.

Oct. 16th Don’t be mean, be above average

Methods for analyzing continuous data.

Nov. 20th Linking risk factors with outcomes!

An overview of Measures of Association and Diagnostic Screening.

Time: Wednesdays, 11:00am – 12:00pm

Location: Educational Conference Room
Research and Academic Center, 3rd floor (3-041)

These lectures are open to anyone who is interested. NO RSVP NECESSARY! Please email us if you have any questions.