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Grant Application Support Policies Procedures and Guidelines

The following is a listing of general steps for applying for grant funding. These guidelines may very depending upon the funding agency. The majority of funders are now requiring submission of grants electronically. This requires registration on their site and coordination between OSP and the individual seeking support.

  1. Investigators/Project Directors must contact the Office of Sponsored Programs prior to beginning a grant application.
    This is required for the following reasons:

    • To avoid potential conflicts with other applications being submitted within the institution, some funding agencies only allow one application per institution per funding cycle.
    • To determine eligibility, so you don’t spend time preparing an application and then find out that you are not eligible.
    • To review Sponsor guidelines and procedures, to ensure that required procedures are followed and an application is not rejected for this reason.
    • To obtain necessary institutional information and supporting documentation.
    • To obtain institutional signatures.
    • To receive guidance and support throughout the application process.
  2. If applicable, OSP staff will register investigator with eRA Commons (for the NIH) or other applicable on-line submission portal.
  3. Investigators will then write the grant proposal. OSP offers grant writing guidance and editorial support, however, OSP does not have the resources to provide grant writing services.
  4. Determine financial needs and develop budget with OSP staff.
  5. Submit grant application to OSP for administrative review and Institutional Approvals according to the following deadlines:
    • Federal NIH Grants – 10 days before deadline
    • Other Grants – 7 days before deadline

The Office of Grants and Contracts cannot guarantee submission of a grant application if these guidelines and timelines are not adhered to.