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Heart Failure Treatment Center

The most advanced care available

Heart failure occurs when the heart cannot pump enough blood and oxygen to support other organs in the body. In the United States, millions of people suffer from heart failure every year.

The goal of the Heart Failure Treatment Center at NYU Winthrop is to reduce symptoms and delay progression of the disease, reduce hospitalization, and extend and improve quality of life. Our dedicated cardiologists implement best practice guidelines for heart failure treatment and apply advanced, cutting-edge care technology.

There are three main groups of drugs which are used to treat heart failure:

  • Angiotensin converting enzyme (ACE) inhibitors help dilate arteries and lower blood pressure, which in turn improves heart and circulation function
  • Beta-blockers can improve the function of the left ventricle and may help prevent heart rhythm problems
  • Diuretics keep fluid from building up in the body and decrease the amount of fluid in the lungs, which aids in easier breathing

In select cases, heart failure can be treated by surgery, such as valve replacement or repair, coronary artery bypass surgery, or even transplantation.