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About the Center

NYU Winthrop Hospital’s Cancer Center for Kids at the Children’s Medical Center

We want our children to lead healthy, happy lives…to build castles in the sand…climb trees…fall down and get up again…and save the world.

The Cancer Center for Kids (CCFK), positioned within the framework of the broad-based pediatric programs of the Children’s Medical Center at NYU Winthrop Hospital, meets the complex challenges of children’s cancers and blood disorders with a relentless spirit and dedication to improving the lives of our pediatric cancer patients and their families.

Outstanding Pediatric Cancer Care. Close to Home.

NYU Winthrop’s Cancer Center for Kids is the largest outpatient facility for treating children with cancer and blood disorders in Nassau County. We are the county’s only member of the National Cancer Institute’s Children’s Oncology Group (COG), a prestigious international consortium of collaborating hospitals recognized as leaders in the treatment of childhood cancers.

COG membership places NYU Winthrop at the forefront of research and the use of the latest treatment protocols. Our enhanced collaborative studies and access to New York City’s bone marrow transplant units are integral to our delivery of care, bringing world-class pediatric cancer care to our community.

A Recognized Team of Pediatric Cancer Care Specialists

Hope and healing are what our pediatric cancer specialists provide.

Our Center’s doctors are not just doctors. They are children’s cancer doctors — skilled and compassionate pediatric oncology and hematology specialists that are expertly trained to diagnose and treat the entire spectrum of pediatric malignancies and blood diseases.

Strong Family-Physician Partnerships for Exceptional Patient Experience

Embodying the principles of patient and family-centered care, our doctors not only provide young patients with comprehensive, sensitive care, they also help families endure – offering support from the moment of diagnosis, through intense treatments and long-term follow-up.

As part of our unique delivery of pediatric cancer care, all patient contact – inpatient or outpatient, telephone or electronic – is conducted with one of the Center’s experienced, attending physicians. A true patient-physician partnership is developed as we provide as much treatment as possible in our beautifully appointed, child-friendly outpatient Center, making life easier and more manageable for patients and their families. In our outpatient Center, children can receive transfusions, infusions, chemotherapy treatments, or even procedures under anesthesia in a safe and comforting environment…and then go home to sleep in their own beds at night.