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Cancer Quality

Cancer Quality at NYU Winthrop Hospital Center for Cancer Care – 2018 Accomplishments

Cancer Prevention

Skin Cancer Prevention

Campaign for skin cancer prevention in 2018 – Facebook posts.

Screenshots of the posts below show the reach and engagement numbers. You can click on an image to go to the actual post.

8/31/18 – Labor Day Weekend Sunscreen Tips


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7/31/18 – Sunscreen Tips for Golfers


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7/20/18 – Sunscreen Tips for Seniors

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Studies of Quality

Improving timeliness of care for patients receiving chemoradiation for non-small cell lung cancer

The purpose of this project was to identify factors within the radiation oncology department that may contribute to delays in patients receiving chemoradiation and decrease the total time required for patients to receive their treatment. According to a baseline audit, the average time from initial contact to start of treatment was around 5 weeks. The goal is to shorten the time from the scheduling of consultation to the first day of radiation from 34 days to 24 days for all newly diagnosed patients with stage 3 non-small cell lung cancer that are receiving chemoradiation by June 2018.

file powerpoint Improving Timeliness of Care for Chemoradiation in Lung Cancer Patients Study

Quality Improvements

Quality Improvement in Managing Oral Chemotherapy During Hospital Admission

The objectives of this study were to assess for delay in oral chemotherapy administration, evaluate if missed doses were approriate and to determine if missed doses were related to the hospital formulary.

file powerpoint Managing Inpatient Oral Chemotherapy Administration Study