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Colorectal Cancer Program

Colorectal Cancer Program at NYU Winthrop Hospital Center for Cancer Care

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NYU Winthrop Hospital offers comprehensive care for patients with colon cancer (cancer of the large intestine) and/or rectal cancer. Because of the uncomfortable symptoms and serious risk of complications with colorectal cancer, it is important for patients diagnosed with colon or rectal cancer to seek prompt treatment from skilled and knowledgeable physicians in order to remove cancerous tissue and reduce the risk of recurrence.

Innovative Approaches to Treatment

At the Colorectal Cancer Program, we carefully customize care so patients receive the most advanced, least invasive treatments with the fewest side effects. Our experts have specialized colorectal cancer treatment training and extensive experience in all types of colon and rectal surgery. They utilize advanced, minimally invasive laparoscopic techniques — including transanal endoscopic microsurgery to remove polyps, tumors and other lesions — whenever possible to reduce pain, scarring and recovery time.

Colon cancer treatment and rectal cancer treatment, which may involve removal of part or all of the affected areas, depend on the stage of each patient’s condition but often includes:

  • Surgery
  • Chemotherapy
  • Radiation therapy
  • Combination of therapies

Clinical Trials for Colorectal Cancer Treatment

We also offer an array of important Phase I, Phase II and Phase III clinical trials for solid tumors from various cancers including colon cancer. The result of this research not only impacts survival, but also helps enhance quality of life. The Colorectal Cancer Program focuses on empowering our patients to achieve the ideal balance of both.