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CyberKnife® Surgery for Cancer Treatment

NYU Winthrop Hospital on Long Island, NY was the first medical institution in the NYC metro area to offer breakthrough CyberKnife surgery for cancer treatment. We have the busiest and most experienced CyberKnife Center in the country. This non-invasive radiation therapy uses high-tech computer-controlled robotics to deliver precisely targeted radiation to both cancerous and non-cancerous tumors without harming healthy tissue. Learn more about how CyberKnife works.

CyberKnife Surgery for Prostate Cancer

NYU Winthrop Hospital is a pioneer in the use of CyberKnife radiosurgery as a highly effective treatment for prostate cancer. One of the major challenges of treating prostate tumors with radiation is the unpredictable movement of the prostate during treatment. CyberKnife solves this problem by continuously tracking the tumor and keeping the radiation beams locked on the tumor during treatment with unprecedented accuracy.

CyberKnife Surgery for Breast Cancer

CyberKnife surgery for breast cancer offers the unique ability to track and target tumor movement even while the patient inhales and exhales. This allows radiation to be delivered directly to the tumor without damage to surrounding tissue. NYU Winthrop Hospital recently completed a clinical trial that utilizes the powerful and highly precise CyberKnife system as a follow-up to a lumpectomy for select women who prefer breast conservation to a mastectomy.

CyberKnife Surgery for Lung Cancer

NYU Winthrop’s medical oncologists have a decades-old tradition of being among the first to offer cutting-edge targeted therapies including groundbreaking treatments such as CyberKnife surgery for lung cancer.

CyberKnife for Brain Surgery

CyberKnife can pinpoint a tumor’s exact location in real time using X-ray images. CyberKnife for brain surgery has a strong record of proven clinical effectiveness in the treatment of malignant and benign brain tumors. A major advantage of CyberKnife over traditional brain surgery and other radiation therapies is that there is no need for a head frame or skull pins to keep the head motionless. Learn more about the CyberKnife advantage.

CyberKnife Surgery for Pancreatic Cancer

CyberKnife surgery has been used to treat pancreatic cancer in patients who are poor surgical candidates, those who refuse surgery and in patients for whom surgery or other treatments have failed. When using CyberKnife surgery for pancreatic cancer, doctors can zero in on the tumor and irradiate it with sub-millimeter precision even as the patient inhales and exhales.

CyberKnife Surgery for Spine Cancer

Spine tumors also pose a challenge because they move as the patient breathes. The CyberKnife system provides highly accurate targeting on the tumor by focusing hundreds of radiation beams from different angles, all of which intersect at the tumor. By using CyberKnife surgery for spine cancer, oncologists avoid damaging sensitive spinal cord tissue and other critical structures.

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