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Advanced Cancer Research

At the Forefront of Cancer Care

Cancer Research is a Growing Force in Innovation, Education and Progress in the Fight Against Cancer

Due to rapid advances in technology and the accelerating rate of progress of biomedical science, today we find ourselves standing on the threshold of an extraordinary time in medicine.

Remarkable strides are being made in the understanding of cancer biology, and it is now known that cancers involve the malfunction of genes controlling cell growth and division. Especially exciting is the increasing ability of scientists to pinpoint genes linked to specific types of cancers. This watershed in cancer research is providing physicians with unprecedented opportunities to develop new strategies for prevention, early detection and treatment of cancer.

Cancer Research Yields Breakthroughs that Inspire Hope

NYU Winthrop Hospital is a Category 1 Cancer Center, providing the full spectrum of care from advanced diagnostics through surgery, chemotherapy and radiation.

Our cancer specialists and researchers are involved in rigorous basic and clinical studies of a wide variety of cancers, including lung cancer, childhood cancers, blood cancers, colorectal cancer and gynecological cancers.

NYU Winthrop’s Center for Cancer Care researchers’ study:

  • Prevention and treatment of gynecologic cancers
  • Predictors of long term survivors in breast and other cancers
  • Application of translational research to innovative therapy of malignancy
  • Multimodal approaches in the treatment of hepatobiliary malignancies
  • Effects of clinical infrastructures in hematologic, colorectal, lung, urinary, and other cancers

NYU Winthrop’s Cancer Institute has a long track record of clinical research trials addressing all aspects of disease management, from prevention and symptom control, to treatment and quality of life.

For more information about our ongoing clinical trials, check out our Cancer Clinical Trials page.