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Diabetes Self Management Education Programs

Diabetes Self-Management Programs at NYU Winthrop Hospital

Diabetes care is complex. Effective self-management of the disease is necessary for preventing or minimizing complications. At NYU Winthrop Hospital, we believe that diabetes self-management should be personalized for each patient to address their specific lifestyle needs and priorities. Family members are welcome to attend.

Through our Diabetes Self-Management Programs, we offer individualized programs, refresher courses, as well as specific training and instruction to give patients with diabetes the tools and skills to effectively manage their disease.

Core Program

The Core Program is offered in a combination of group sessions and individual visits.

The program focuses on the person, not the disease and the personal approach begins during your first visit when you meet with the staff to describe your unique needs, lifestyle, eating habits and health problems.

The group sessions are offered over 3 days or evenings and address many topics including medications used to treat diabetes, restaurant guidelines, managing illness and much more.

Each person received an personalized meal pland developed by a Registered Dietitian. The final component of the Core Program is a follow-up visit three months after the program that provides an opportunity for continued learning and support.

Stand-Alone, Individualized Programs

Committed to meeting the diverse needs of our diabetes community, the Diabetes Education Center offers stand-alone courses that are taught in individual sessions. Some programs require multiple visits due to the amount of information that needs to be covered. Ongoing follow-up is encouraged for all services.

Individual instruction in the self-management of diabetes is also available to families of children with diabetes, patients with vision loss and patients with special language needs.

Insulin Pump Training

Instruction on how to use an insulin pump is provided by a Certified Pump Trainer who reviews:

  • Pump features
  • Basic programming skills
  • Troubleshooting
  • Use of insulin to carbohydrate ratios, basal and bolus rates
  • Exercise adjustments
  • Lifestyle issues

Refresher Course

A short course for people who previously completed the Core Program and would benefit from:

  • Reviewing diabetes self-management basics
  • Learning the latest advances in diabetes treatment
  • Counsel on any recent lifestyle changes or concerns

Insulin Therapy Instruction

Many people are just taught how to use an insulin pen or fill a syringe but don’t learn anything else. At NYU Winthrop, people who are starting insulin therapy learn:

  • How to fill a syringe or use an insulin pen
  • Practical guidelines for travel and insulin storage
  • Symptoms and treatment of low blood glucose
  • Linking insulin therapy with blood glucose monitoring results
  • Emotional reaction to taking insulin

Community Programs

November is Diabetes Month

Every November, the staff of the Diabetes Education Center offers a free program for the community as part of NYU Winthrop’s Perspectives in Health series.