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Long Island’s Premier Ear, Nose and Throat “ENT” Services

The ear, nose and throat services at NYU Winthrop Hospital on Long Island are the result of our being committed to the highest level of excellence. We offer a full range of care for treatment of ear, nose, throat, and head and neck disease including state-of-the-art surgical treatments. We have a team of well qualified, board certified ENT doctors performing these services, and we offer the full gamut of specialty therapies for adult and pediatric patients alike. Our ear, nose and throat treatments include minimally invasive surgeries that facilitate the quickest, and safest post-operative recovery. Our ENT services involve a team approach to patient care that provides patient specific care on a case by case basis.

State-of-the-Art Ear, Nose and Throat “ENT” Treatments

Tonsillectomy and Adenoidectomy

The surgical removals of the tonsils and/or adenoids are a common procedure at NYU Winthrop Hospital and are performed utilizing state-of-the-art equipment that minimizes postoperative pain and helps prevent infections. The surgeon can choose from electrocautery, shaver, coblation, or PK Plasma Knife. All methodologies are FDA approved, and all surgeons are trained in these specialized techniques.

Nasal and Sinus Surgery

Nasal and sinus surgeries performed at NYU Winthrop Hospital include septoplasty, nasal reconstruction, and intricate image guided sinuplasty surgery. All such ENT treatments use the most minimally invasive techniques.

Direct Suspension Microlaryngoscopy

The vocal cords and pharynx are carefully examined employing the use of a Zeiss Microsurgical Microscope. Carbon Dioxide Lasers and Flexible Lasers are available to mitigate cancerous lesions effectively.

Obstructive Sleep Disorders

The otolaryngology department works in conjunction with the Sleep Disorder Center to provide ear, nose and throat treatments for life threatening conditions such as obstructive sleep apnea.

Endolympatic Sac Decompression

The drainage of fluid from the endolymphatic sac can alleviate and prevent fluid accumulation in the inner ear as well as mitigate the symptoms of Miniere’s disease. This procedure utilizes a Zeiss microscope and precision microsurgical instrumentation.

Pediatric Ear, Nose and Throat Services on Long Island

Children are cared for by a specialized, highly qualified team of physicians, nurses, and technicians. Pediatric Tours are available to all families on scheduled Saturdays to assist your child in getting comfortable with the surgical environment prior to the day of surgery. Most children recover in a special pediatric recovery room and some are kept overnight for more careful observation if required. Pediatric trained board-certified anesthesiologists are also available for your child’s safety.

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NYU Winthrop Hospital – Long Island’s Ear, Nose and Throat Center

The next time you or a loved one is in need of ENT services, you can count on NYU Winthrop Hospital to make sure you receive the care you need. For more information about NYU Winthrop’s Ear, Nose and Throat Center call.

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