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Ear Otology

Long Island’s Premier Otologists (Ear Doctors)

The board-certified otologists at NYU Winthrop Hospital on Long Island are led by Dr. Moghaddassi. In his words: “We have some of the finest otolaryngology surgeons – many of whom are fellowship trained in their subspecialty – on staff at NYU Winthrop.” The division of Otolaryngology (which includes otology) is committed to the highest level of excellence and can deliver a full spectrum of care for treatment of Ear, Nose, Throat, and head and neck disease. It is comprised of well qualified, board certified physicians and offers a wide range of specialty therapies to both adult and pediatric patients.

What Is Otology?

Otology is the study of the anatomy of the ear and the diseases that affect it. The otology division at NYU Winthrop Hospital specializes in procedures that help to restore and maintain hearing such as:

  • Placement of myringotomy tubes
  • Laser Stapedectomy
  • Ossicular reconstruction

Otology Procedures

The otology department at NYU Winthrop Hospital treats all types of chronic middle ear disease from the simple to the complex disease processes of adults and children. All new, precise ear instrumentation is waiting at NYU Winthrop in order to restore the precious gift of hearing. Our otolgists, who specialize in ear surgery, have been trained to utilize the green diode laser or flexible lasers when needed.


A small opening is made in the eardrum and a tube is placed to relieve the pressure and fluid from the middle ear. This results in better hearing and speech development.

Stapedectomy and Ossicular Reconstruction

Ear surgery is performed using a high power Zeiss microscope to replace bones of the middle ear that are either immobilized or missing. Eardrum perforations or holes can be repaired utilizing a patient’s own tissue or a synthetic tissue depending on physician preference.

Bone Anchoring Hearing Aid Procedure

NYU Winthrop Hospital is at the forefront of hearing restoration and performs the Bone Anchoring Hearing procedure to restore hearing through direct bone conduction.

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