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Pain Management

Pain Management at NYU Winthrop Hospital

Leading-edge techniques combined with specialized care to effectively manage pain

For patients suffering from acute, chronic and cancer-related pain, NYU Winthrop’s pain specialists offer a full range of pain management techniques. This includes evaluation and treatment techniques, as well as inpatient consultation services.

Pain is a complex, challenging problem requiring careful investigation of symptoms and specialized care. The NYU Winthrop pain specialists utilize a variety of noninvasive, non-drug techniques including exercise, physical therapy, superficial cooling and heating of the skin and electrotherapy (transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation – TENS, which attempts to reduce pain via low-voltage surface electric stimulation. Additionally, pain relievers and related drugs are used at every stage of the medical treatment of pain. Invasive techniques are also sometimes utilized for pain management which include injections that deliver steroids or aesthetics to nerve, joint or epidural space and surgically implanted electrotherapy devices, such as implantable spinal cord stimulators (SCS) and peripheral nerve stimulators.

Our Pain Management Treatment Team

Richard Fuss, MD

Edward Rubin, MD