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Maternal Fetal Medicine

NYU Winthrop Hospital’s Division of Maternal Fetal Medicine is dedicated to excellent patient care, education and research for our Long Island patients. Our expert maternal fetal specialists, known as perintologists, concentrate on high-risk pregnancies while providing state-of-the-art care through 3D/4D ultrasounds, amniocentesis, Chorionic Villa Sampling (CVS) and cordocentesis. We also offer the region’s only Fetal Surgery program, which provides life-saving in-utero treatment options under certain critical circumstances.

Long Island’s Maternal Fetal Specialists

Our physicians help develop care plans for the most complicated obstetrical issues to maximize the health of the mother and fetus. In addition, we perform pre-pregnancy consultations to mothers with a history of complicated pregnancies to reduce the risk for future pregnancies. We provide this care using a hands-on multidisciplinary team approach in collaboration with our referring obstetricians.

Any complications discovered are immediately reported to the referring physician within 24 hours, and a customized management plan is coordinated and outlined for the patient. Our clinical staff is available to assist patients with any questions or concerns, and a perinatologist is available for every appointment.

At-Risk Mothers and Fetuses

Consultation and fetal testing are available for:

  • Mothers with medical conditions such as diabetes, hypertension, clotting disorders, renal disease, medication exposure or any other condition that may adversely affect the pregnancy outcome.
  • The fetus that is at risk or has conditions such as chromosomal abnormalities, congenital anomalies, growth restriction, fetal anemia and many other risks.
  • Women with a history of Adverse Pregnancy Outcomes, such as preterm delivery, still birth and/or recurrent loss.

Maternal Fetal Medicine Procedures

NYU Winthrop Hospital offers a wide spectrum of surgical and non-surgical procedures for complications and fetal health conditions. Fetal Surgery is an option for pregnancies in the presence of a surgically treatable fetal abnormality discovered very early in gestation which, if left untreated in-utero, would cause progressive and irreversible fetal damage as pregnancy progresses to term. Our board certified maternal fetal specialists perform the following procedures:

  • Needle aspiration of fetal compartment
  • Radio frequency ablation
  • Percutaneous fetal shunt placement
  • Fetal transfusion
  • Fetoscopic laser photocoagulation of placental/fetal/umbilical vessels for Twin to Twin Transfusion Syndrome (TTTS).

Chief of Maternal Fetal Medicine

Martin R. Chavez, MD, FACOG, is Chief of Maternal Fetal Medicine at NYU Winthrop Hospital, with expertise in high risk pregnancies, ultrasound diagnosis, ultrasound guided procedures and fetal surgery procedures.

In 2008 Dr. Chavez started the Fetal Evaluation and Treatment Team (FETT) to offer fetal surgery options for pregnancies which could benefit from in-utero treatment of the fetus.

Dr. Chavez is a Fellow of the American College of Obstetrics & Gynecology, board certified in Maternal Fetal Medicine and active in presentations, research and clinical trials in Maternal Fetal Medicine-related topics.