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New Life Center

New Life Center at NYU Winthrop Hospital

When NYU Winthrop Hospital hosted the grand opening of the 16,000-sq.-ft. New Life Center in 1998, it became the $12-million flagship facility for the highest caliber obstetrical, pediatric and neonatal services in the Long Island-New York City region.

The New Life Center at NYU Winthrop Hospital is a unique and modern facility where mothers, newborns and families receive outstanding, personalized attention, resulting from our commitment to family focused maternity care.

The New Life Center provides your family with the best of both worlds—a home-like birth experience within the safety of a state-of-the-science labor/delivery/recovery environment. Read more about the New Life Center.

Family Centered Care

Much more than a modern facility with advanced technology set in attractive surroundings, the New Life Center focuses on supporting the family as an important cohesive unit. Family Centered Care at the New Life Center is designed to help your entire family begin adjusting to a whole new life. Our Family Centered Care is based upon the belief that every family is unique, with individual needs and wants.

Nearly 5,000 babies are born here each year, and through Family Centered Care, the expert staff works to strengthen each family unit as it adjusts to a whole new life with the new baby.

The birth of your baby is a moment in time that affirms the joy of living. It is our privilege to share in your baby’s birth at the New Life Center.

Enjoy The Joy of New Beginnings – A Guide for Expectant Parents

Comprehensive Mother-Baby Services

NYU Winthrop’s commitment to Patient and Family-Centered Care has naturally led to the development of a growing roster of maternal/child care services and programs that help families deal with the many facets of bringing a new member of the family into the world.

We encourage you to explore the special resources below and hope that the information we provide will help you make informed decisions that will foster good health, peace of mind and well-being.

New Life Center Services and Programs