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Baby Delivery Process

The Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology at NYU Winthrop Hospital has prepared this detailed information for you about every aspect of the baby delivery process, starting with the day or evening you go into labor and arrive at our renowned New Life Center.

You’ve been dreaming about this day since you first learned you were pregnant. Your obstetrician examined you, told you how far along you were and predicted your “due date.” That’s when your maternal clock started ticking!

When your Provider Tells You to Report to the Hospital

  • You will go directly to the New Life Center located on the First Floor of the North Pavilion at NYU Winthrop Hospital.
  • A Registered Nurse with advanced training and certification in obstetrics will escort you to one of the Center’s new triage/exam rooms, each of which has a private bathroom, television and other amenities.
  • You will be examined and monitored, and your provider will be notified of your arrival. Once in labor, you will be taken to the Labor/Delivery/Recovery Unit.
  • An Obstetrician is available in the Unit 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • A Perinatologist (high-risk obstetrician) and Neonatologist (newborn medicine specialist) are on call, should the need for their expertise arise.

The Labor Delivery Recovery (LDR) Suite

Nearly 5,000 babies each year begin their lives in NYU Winthrop’s New Life Center. Our modern state-of-the-art facility offers 16 labor-delivery-recovery rooms attractively decorated to provide a comfortable, homey environment for your baby delivery process. While the ambiance is tranquil and non-clinical, expectant parents can feel secure in the knowledge that the sophisticated technology and vast resources of a major, university-affiliated medical center are close at hand should a complication develop.

  • Your labor, delivery and immediate recovery after delivery will take place in one of our 16 LOR Suites. Each comfortable suite has a private bathroom and shower stall (some have tubs). In addition to having specially designed birthing beds, the LDR Suites are beautifully decorated to create a relaxing home-like atmosphere. Furnishings include comfortable partner chairs, televisions with radios and telephones.
  • If your baby needs medical support or evaluation at the time of delivery, a Pediatrician or Neonatal Nurse Practitioner will be present. NYU Winthrop’s world-renowned Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, staffed with experts who have advanced training in newborn medicine, is adjacent to the LDR Unit.

Labor Coach/Labor Support

The length of your labor can’t be predicted and is measured by how many centimeters your cervix has dilated or opened. The closer your cervix gets to 10 centimeters, the sooner you’ll give birth.

  • Labor and delivery patients are permitted one visitor throughout the labor, delivery, and postpartum period, which can include a partner, family member, doula, or other support person. The visitor cannot be rotated.
  • Should a cesarean delivery be necessary, your support person may remain with you ONLY if epidural or spinal anesthesia is utilized and general anesthesia is NOT required.

NYU Winthrop was the first hospital on Long Island to institute a Volunteer Doula Program and currently has over 20 doulas available to provide non-medical support to patients at no cost. The program involves both physical and emotional support provided by specially trained volunteers. A summary of published studies by the Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews showed that doula support during labor can improve outcomes for women and their infants, including shorter labors and decreased cesarean delivery rates. Should a cesarean delivery be necessary and spinal or epidural anesthesia will be used, your support person may remain with you. Doulas with additional training may remain with you in the OR at the discretion of your obstetrician and anesthesiologist.

Obstetrical Anesthesia/Pain Management

  • NYU Winthrop’s Obstetrical Anesthesia Service guarantees that an anesthesiologist is available 24 hours a day to ensure your safe and comfortable delivery and to handle any problem that may arise unexpectedly.
  • This service is available at all times and is essential for optimum care of all mothers in the New Life Center.

Baby Safety

NYU Winthrop Hospital is committed to policies and procedures designed to protect you and your baby at all times during and after your baby delivery process.

To ensure your baby’s safety, Identification (ID) Bands will be placed on you, your baby and your significant other immediately following birth in the LDR Suite. These ID Bands are not to be removed before discharge. If you are released from the Hospital before your baby, you must bring your ID Bands back with you when the baby is discharged.

Your nurse will advise you to NEVER leave your baby alone or unsupervised in your room. Your ID badge will be checked in the event you or your baby need to be seaparated.

Taking your Baby Home – Remember, New York State law requires that infants be placed in a rear-facing car seat in the backseat.

Mother-Baby Care

This is a magical time when you and your newborn will begin getting to know one another. It’s also a time when you may feel so exhausted you could sleep for days. Then, a few minutes later, you can’t stop talking because you’re so amazed that you just gave birth.

The nurses on the Mother-Baby Units (North Pavilion 2 and Potter 2) are specially trained to care for both you and your baby. Feel free to ask them any questions about your recovery or the care and feeding of your baby.

24-Hour Rooming-in

We support non-separation of mothers and newborns and encourage you to keep your baby at your bedside. “Rooming-In”, as this is known, is strongly encouraged and the preferred way for you to bond with your baby. Rooming-in provides early and prolonged contact between you and your baby. This enables your newborn to get to know you, see you, respond to your voice and touch, and begin developing feeding and waking patterns. The same nurse will care for you and your baby. This will facilitate learning about your own care, as well as that of your new baby. Breast-feeding is fostered when mother and baby are together. Remember, never leave your baby alone or unsupervised in your room.

  • Breastfeeding – NYU Winthrop endorses Family Centered Care. For mothers who wish to breastfeed, this experience will begin in the LDR with support from specially trained nurses and will continue throughout your postpartum Hospital stay. Our nurses will provide you with the guidance you need and answer any questions you may have. For mothers and babies with special needs, a Lactation Consultant is available. After discharge, community support is provided for those interested.

Visitor Policy

Please note, we have updated our visitor guidelines in light of the 2019 coronavirus disease (COVID-19) pandemic, in order to maintain the safest environment for our patients and staff. See detailed information on our visitor policy and check for updates before each visit.

The Tastier Side of the New Life Center

With the opening of the New Life Center, NYU Winthrop’s culinary staff created an upscale restaurant-style menu with a variety of tasty entrees from which you can choose. Our culinary staff loves catering to our wonderful new mothers. You deserve to be waited on and pampered and savor every bite of our distinctively non-hospital menu.

Since introducing our specialty menu, our mothers have expressed overwhelming satisfaction with their meals. Our culinary staff has taken the Hospital food to another level.

**Kosher Meals are Available and dietary restrictions will be met

Insurance Information

As a courtesy, NYU Winthrop will bill your insurance company on your behalf. Therefore, it is very important that you call your insurance company, inform them that you are pregnant, and verify your maternity and well-baby benefits.

If you have any questions regarding insurance, our Healthcare Insurance Representatives will be happy to help you. Please call 516-663-8844, Monday-Friday, 9 am-3 pm. For more information, please visit the Patient Financial Resources page.


Your obstetrician/nurse-midwife and pediatrician must complete discharge exams and write discharge orders before you and your baby can leave the Hospital. Patients who have had a vaginal delivery are usually discharged 48 hours after delivery; 72 hours if you have had a Cesarean Section.

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