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Robotic Assisted Total Knee Replacement

Robotic arm-assisted Total Knee Replacement is an alternative to the traditional knee replacement surgery that uses robotic arm technology to help the surgeon perform a total knee replacement procedure.

Using the robotic arm, your orthopedic surgeon can remove the damaged bone and cartilage based on a three dimensional model of the patient’s own diagnosis and anatomy. The computer-assisted technology allows the surgeon to view the patient’s knee through a range of motion and perform the surgery virtually first before the bone is cut.

Once a personalized surgical plan has been created, the surgeon guides the robotic-arm to cut the bone very precisely. Using the robot, it is possible for a surgeon to balance the knee in a perfectly straight line and check every part of the total knee replacement procedure and make appropriate adjustments based on real-time data and feedback.

Research has shown that knees not corrected to straight line have a much higher early risk of failure. Robotic assisted Total Knee Replacement significantly reduces this risk and gives long term results – 20 to 30 years of good function for the patient. It also leads to smaller incisions, quicker recovery and reduced injury to the ligaments surrounding the knee.