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Adoption Services Program

Adoption Services Program

Adoption can be a complex process for a child as well for the adoptive family. Adopted children often have multiple healthcare needs and first-time adoptive parents have many questions and concerns about transitioning the child to a new home.

Since the early 1990s, NYU Winthrop Hospital’s Adoption Program has helped countless families navigate the process of adopting children from the United States and abroad with the aim of ensuring the well-being of the child and the family.

What To Expect

Once a child has been identified for adoption, NYU Winthrop’s Adoption team works closely with parents to deliver required medical services throughout the entire adoption process. Families have access to the pediatric adoption specialists 24-hours a day, seven days a week, even while they are away from home. Travel advice, information, recommendations, and vaccinations are also available for parents who request or require them for their travel.

Pre-adoption Services

NYU Winthrop’s program offers the most comprehensive pre-adoption medical services available, including:

Pre-adoption Counseling and Evaluation

Our Pre-adoption Counseling and Evaluation Services are based on a child’s medical records. We work with pediatricians from various subspecialties, such as infectious diseases, cardiology, neurology, and orthopedics to answer questions and identify any specific concerns or future medical needs.

Developmental Assessments

We perform a thorough medical review of the child’s health information, including video and photos received. This helps us identify any physical or developmental disabilities and assess their cognitive and emotional growth.

Health Risk Assessments

NYU Winthrop’s program specializes in evaluation and assessing the impact of diseases and conditions that may be common among adopted children, including a variety of infectious diseases, the child’s nutritional and immunization status, and maternal exposure and abuse of alcohol and other drugs.