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Top 10 Reasons to Call a Child Life Specialist

10 Reasons to Call a Child Life Specialist at NYU Winthrop Hospital

The Child Life Specialists at NYU Winthrop Hospital provide a variety of valuable support services for pediatric patients and their families. These include educational, therapeutic and recreational play opportunities offered both at bedside and in the Child Life Playroom. Sessions with child life specialists enable children to explore medical equipment, ask questions, socialize with their peers and gain a sense of control over their personal experience.

Here are just some of the many reasons why you would want to call a NYU Winthrop Hospital Child Life Specialist:

  1. Your child/patient needs preparation for an invasive procedure.
  2. Your child/patient is having difficulty coping with a necessary procedure, i.e., crying, fighting or hiding.
  3. Your child/patient or siblings are expressing specific fears of staff or follow-up care.
  4. Your child/patient is exhibiting oppositional behavior or is refusing to cooperate without anger or hostility.
  5. Your child/patient is perceived by staff as withdrawn.
  6. Your child/patient is having difficulty taking medications.
  7. Your child/patient has experienced traumatic loss or has a chronic illness. (developmental delay).
  8. Your child/patient has been newly diagnosed with a chronic illness.
  9. Your child/patient has been admitted for injuries resulting from a traumatic illness, i.e., motor vehicle accident or fire.
  10. Your child/patient has injuries or a diagnosis that resulted from suspected child abuse.