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Family Travel Clinic

Family Travel

NYU Winthrop Hospital’s Family Travel Clinic was created to keep young travelers healthy and to educate parents and children appropriately on potential risks while traveling abroad. The center’s staff assesses potential health risks during a planned trip and provides the appropriate immunizations, precautionary measures and medical recommendations if the child falls sick.

Why Consult with a NYU Winthrop Family Travel Specialist?

  • Vaccine recommendations and preventative medications for children are usually different from those for adults.
  • Children’s immune systems are still maturing, so they are more susceptible to disease and often develop more severe symptoms and complications.
  • Pediatric travelers have different age-specific behaviors and health risks.
  • Our travel specialists are up-to-date with emerging infections around the world, such as Chikungunya, Dengue, Zika and Ebola virus outbreaks.
  • We provide services for all family members who are traveling, both children and adults.

Our Services Include

  • Customized travel counseling for parents and children regarding health risks specific to their destination(s), preventative measures and contingency planning.
  • Recommendations and prescriptions for appropriate preventative medications.
  • Appropriate vaccines for the pediatric travelers, including yellow fever, typhoid vaccine and Japanese encephalitis vaccine.
  • Emergency 24/7 access to speak with a NYU Winthrop family travel health specialist should a health emergency arise during travel.

Appointments should be made at least two weeks prior to travel to ensure a healthy and safe trip for you and your child. To make an appointment, please call 516-663-9414.