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Sleep Medicine

Sleep Medicine

Our Sleep Medicine Specialists Set Your Mind at Ease

At NYU Winthrop Hospital, we recognize that sleep patients often present with multiple problems. The AASM recommends that patients consult a sleep medicine specialist before undergoing a sleep study in order to avoid unnecessary testing. NYU Winthrop’s SDC specialists are committed to evaluating patients’ overall health, not only focusing on diagnosing the presence or absence of a sleep disorder. Prior to undergoing a long and detailed sleep study, an SDC patient meets with a sleep medicine physician to learn about how the study will be conducted, clarify what will be investigated, and understand the possible outcomes. This serves to reduce anxiety considerably.

So what is the sleep medicine process? First, a sleep interview will be conducted. A good assessment conducted by an experienced practitioner can take an hour or less. If it is determined that a sleep study is necessary, this will be conducted under comfortable conditions in our modern facility. Then our registered polysomnographic technologists and an SDC physician will review the results and a personalized treatment program will be developed depending on the diagnosis.

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