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Excessive Daytime Sleepiness

Do you feel you may be affected by Excessive Daytime Sleepiness? NYU Winthrop’s Center for Sleep Medicine on Long island, NY specializes in diagnosing and helping those with common sleep disorders. Excessive daytime sleepiness can range in severity from mild drowsiness during quiet situations to devastating sleepiness. This sleepiness can, in turn, cause many problems in a person’s day to day life, and even be dangerous in certain situations. The causes of excessive daytime sleepiness are many and varied, and so are the treatments.

Complications of Excessive Daytime Sleepiness

When a person is tired throughout the day, many complications arise. A person may have difficulty concentrating at work and become less productive. A student may start to see grades slip due to concentration issues. Driving accidents are another serious problem related to excessive daytime sleepiness. More than 100,000 accidents are attributed annually to drowsy driving according to the NHTSA, and those accidents results in over 40,000 injuries and 15,000 deaths every year.

Causes of Excessive Daytime Sleepiness

There are many reasons that a person may experience excessive daytime sleepiness. A common cause is untreated sleep apnea. This often occurs because either the condition has gone undiagnosed or because the patient does not take advantage of the prescribed treatment. Voluntary sleep deprivation may also be a factor since sometimes people stay awake longer than they should for recreation or work purposes. Depression can also cause a person to not get enough sleep. Narcolepsy and many other medical conditions may be at the root of the problem. There are also numerous medications that cause sleepiness as a side effect.

Treatment of Excessive Daytime Sleepiness

Treatment can involve a CPAP device to help keep the patient breathing during sleep, upper airway surgery by experienced surgeons and, in certain patients, weight management. Patient education about the importance of sleep and the impact of sleep deprivation is critical to treatment success. NYU Winthrop Hospital is proud to help educate people about the importance of getting enough sleep, and our Sleep Disorders Center is second to none in the diagnosis and treatment of the conditions that cause excessive daytime sleepiness.

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