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Trauma Injury Prevention and Outreach

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A majority of trauma injuries in adults and children are preventable. This can be done by taking basic precautions, being alert and following public safety rules.

NYU Winthrop Hospital’s Trauma Injury Prevention and Outreach Program is dedicated to reducing the number of preventable injuries through research, training and public education. We work with our local community in educating families and advocating for policies to improve the safety of our communities.

Throughout the year, we work with parents, seniors and teens to educate and spread awareness about safety-related issues that can help save lives or prevent injuries in adults and children.

Topics include

Additional Resources

Our Injury Prevention Nurses provide information sessions on:

  • Car seat safety
  • Playground safety
  • Helmet/bike safety
  • Swimming safety
  • Bullying

Please contact us at 516-663-9600 for more information on our injury prevention lectures.

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