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Home Safety

Adults and Seniors Home Safety

According to NIHSeniorHealth, six out of every 10 falls occur at home. Many falls are preventable by taking a few precautions and making basic changes in your home to reduce the risk of falling.

Follow these tips for making your home safer:

Improve lighting – Use a night light with good lighting and improve lighting around your house, especially stairways, so you can see clearly at all times. Ensure that light switches are easy to reach.

Remove clutter – Remove items from your home floor or stairways that could make you trip, such as rugs, cords, shoes or boxes.

Use anti-slip mats and shoes – Use a non-slip mat in the shower or bathtub and keep your bathroom floor dry to avoid slipping. Wear anti-slip shoes both inside and outside your home.

Install handrails – Make your stairways and bathroom safer by installing hand rails and grab bars that you can hold for support.