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Hyperbaric Medicine Program

Hyperbaric Medicine Program at NYU Winthrop Hospital

Specialized treatment to help heal problem wounds

Always at the forefront of innovative and effective medical treatments, NYU Winthrop Hospital has added hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) as an extension to the wound care therapies available to our patients.

Our Hyperbaric Medicine unit is accredited with distinction from the Undersea and Hyperbaric Medical Society (UHMS). This is the highest honor that the UHMS council can bestow upon an organization. An UHMS accreditation signifies that our facility has met or exceeded the highest standards of patient care and safety through rigorous evaluation of our operations— including equipment, staff education, and specialized training — to ensure the highest quality of patient care within the specialty of undersea and hyperbaric medicine.


What is Hyperbaric Medicine?

Hyperbaric Medicine, or hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT), has been in use for many years to treat wounds that have resisted standard wound care, including diabetic leg and foot ulcers, wounds that have been skin grafted and not healed completely, those caused by radiation therapy, and wounds with serious infections, such as osteomyelitis.

During HBOT treatment, the patient breathes 100 percent oxygen while enclosed in a pressurized chamber at greater than normal atmospheric pressure. Inhaling the pure oxygen allows greater amounts of oxygen (up to five times over what is possible while breathing oxygen at sea level pressure) to be absorbed into the bloodstream and then carried to body tissues that need improved healing. Wound healing is “jump started” by the consistent delivery of pure oxygen to the affected site(s), encouraging the growth of new blood vessels within the wound and eliminating certain poisons that hampered previous treatments while improving the body’s response to infection.

About Our Hyperbaric Medicine Program

Coordinated through the Wound Healing Center, a typical course of hyperbaric medicine therapy requires approximately 20 to 30 consecutive daily treatments. A trained technician places each patient in the hyperbaric chamber and monitors the entire session. Each patient’s care is also evaluated throughout treatment by a physician. There is no discomfort associated with the treatment, and patients can rest, watch TV or sleep during treatment.

For more information about the types of wounds treated by hyperbaric oxygen therapy, see Types of Wounds Treated by HBOT.

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NYU Winthrop’s Hyperbaric Medicine unit has been accredited with distinction from the Undersea and Hyperbaric Medical Society (UHMS)