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A Legacy of Generous Support

Founded in 1896, NYU Winthrop Hospital was Long Island’s first voluntary not-for-profit Hospital. In 1924 the Hospital’s Auxiliary was established to stimulate the community’s interest in the work of the Hospital.

NYU Winthrop’s Auxilians are a dedicated group of good neighbors who collectively support the general welfare of the Hospital through their goodwill and fund-raising. The Auxiliary takes great pride in the many accomplishments of the Twigs and the Wings of NYU Winthrop. Their advocacy for NYU Winthrop, along with the financial support generated by their successful events, are greatly appreciated by the NYU Winthrop team and by the patients and communities they serve.

Services such as the Hospital Gift Shop and baby photos are very successful fundraisers sponsored by the NYU Winthrop Auxiliary. In addition, special events provide another source of income, as well as social and cultural opportunities for Auxiliary members and the entire Hospital family and surrounding communities.

The Auxiliary also promotes careers in the healthcare field through its sponsorship of NYU Winthrop’s Teen Volunteer Program. Scholarships are awarded annually to the most deserving Teen Volunteers who wish to pursue a health-related occupation or profession.

The Auxiliary and the many activities that they sponsor are a vital and cherished part of NYU Winthrop Hospital and the communities it serves.

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